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ecelearn lives up to its potential

Over eighty percent of New Zealand Tertiary College�s students choose the distance-learning mode of study. The introduction of ecelearn, New Zealand�s only fully web-based learning environment designed specifically for early childhood educators, this year has meant that dropping assignments in the mail is now as obsolete as writing with a typewriter, as the students log on, do their coursework and submit assignments online.

ecelearn has been built by Auckland-based New Zealand Tertiary College, one of the country�s largest private early childhood education, degree-providing, training providers.

Lecturers are just an electronic message away for personal comment and tuition; fellow students are online in the discussion forums; course notes and reference material are downloadable from virtual classrooms; assignments can be sent in via the system.� Students are able to create drafts, and review and edit the drafts before they submit their assignments.

ecelearn is a comprehensive learning management system. It allows NZTC�s lecturers to track how students are progressing in their studies, manage courses and engage in heightened communication opportunities at a distance.

NZTC Chief Executive, Selena Fox, says the system is based on international distance learning standards and guidelines, and is built with innovative technology advances based around a Microsoft platform. It is one of only a few worldwide that has been designed specifically for early childhood trainee teachers, and NZTC has high hopes for its export potential.

�We are not aware of any other system that offers the depth of experience that students find on ecelearn,� Selena said. �The feedback we have had from overseas gives us confidence that ecelearn will be as valuable to United States and European students as it is to New Zealand student learners.�

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