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Introduction from Executive Director

This is my first ITI newsletter as Executive Director for ITI having taken over from Dave Guerin on 6 August.� I'm delighted to have the opportunity to work for a group of high-quality private educators providers around the country.� Dave has hit the ground running in his new role at ITPNZ and ITI certainly thanks him for his outstanding work over recent years and wishes him well in his new job.

I've spent the first weeks meeting with ITI members and key contacts within TEC as we continue work on the roll-out of the tertiary reforms and establishing the new funding allocations for next year.� This is a transitional year and a number of issues around timing and process are to be expected.� ITI is looking to work constructively on resolving these issues and bedding in a more secure and equitable system.

Hopefully my experience in education policy at Parliament, Treasury, Education New Zealand and Business New Zealand will prove useful to ITI members during this period of significant change in the tertiary sector.� At the last ITI board meeting I outlined my three areas of focus for the coming year:

Policy:� This workstream involves continuing ITI's involvement in the detailed work around the tertiary reforms, policy and funding.� It will involve regular contact with members, stakeholders and Government agencies.

Profile:� Building on the success on this newsletter, ITI will look to get more "good news" stories about the success of members into the general and education media.� It is important that people see the results members are having with their "student focused" approach to education.

Politics:� In the run-up to election year ITI will be look to develop or build on links with key MPs from all political parties.� The intention is to provide them with our perspective and information to feed into their respective policy processes in order to produce education policy settings which will support the on-going work of private institutions.

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    Neil Miller< /br>Executive Director< /br>ITI

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