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Iris Fisher Scholarship for Whitecliffe student.

Whitecliffe MFA student Christina Pataialii has been awarded the prestigious, national 2017 Iris Fisher Scholarship.

iris fisher scholarship optOpen to postgraduate students enrolled in a visual arts/fine arts programme, the award supports the development of emerging New Zealand artists, and includes $5000 in prize money.

This is a significant achievement for Pataialii, whose series of paintings The Dream Team is currently being exhibited in The Tomorrow People, a national exhibition of emerging artists at the Adam Art Gallery, which runs until October.

Christina’s large scale, gestural canvases merge culturally specific codes with a more formal painting language to lift paintings’ ability to critique existing structures of power, both cultural and art historical. Her paintings propose a new kind of cultural and pictorial space that is complex and direct in its signification.

 Te Tuhi Artistic Director Gabriela Salgado, says "More significantly, due to her use of ordinary household materials and large format, her paintings invite a dance-like relationship with the viewer that impregnates the gallery with the experience of public spaces, where the eye engages with mass media images.”

Pataialii is currently in her final year of studying towards a Master of Fine Arts at Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design. As the 2017 Iris Fisher Scholar, Christina is proposing to use the funds towards the cost of developing and creating large scale paintings which will form the basis of her graduating exhibition early in the new year.

Image credit: California Love - Tupac and My Cousin - Dwayne Johnson



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