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Making a Difference in Porirua

NZMA is opening a community campus in Porirua next month, offering Level 3 and 4 programmes in Early Childhood Education, Floristry and Computing.

Porirua campusThe key kaupapa is to work with, and for the community - involving students in community projects and working alongside the community to support pathways to higher education and employment.

Porirua Campus Head of Faculty and Early Childhood Educator tutor, Robynn Kopua says, “With 17 years’ tertiary education experience, it is my intention to involve students in community projects and work with, and alongside the community in building collaborative relationships with already existing education providers to ensure the best possible outcomes for the Porirua community. We’re here to make a difference.”

NZMA first offered programmes in Wellington in 2012, including a satellite classroom in Porirua from 2013.  Now they are excited to be able to serve the Porirua community by offering a range of programmes to prepare people for meaningful careers and further tertiary studies. The entire focus of the campus will be to enable people to graduate with qualifications and skills which will make a real difference to their lifelong earning power and overall wellbeing.

“Right now we’re excited to offer Youth Guarantee programmes in Early Childhood Education (ECE), which we know will be attractive to students 16-19 years of age.  We can also offer fees-free training in Early Childhood Education, Floristry and Computing for eligible students.  Our tutors are specialised in these areas of study and will certainly engage students early to ensure they enjoy their programme.  As our role grows, we will look at other programme offerings not currently available in Porirua, including higher levels, to provide additional options and pathways to higher education.”

Located at 1 Prosser Street, the new campus is light-filled and purpose built for the programmes on offer.  Students will enjoy modern equipped classrooms, first class resources and a student common area including study space and eating facilities.

Porirua Campus will pride itself on creating a culture that embraces the diverse needs of all learners. Our tutors are supportive and will deliver creative, innovative and relevant training.  We believe this will engage and help build a strong community.”

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