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Student Events Build Confidence and Teamwork Skills

International Travel College works hard to create authentic learning opportunities for its students, as they prepare for dynamic careers in travel and tourism.

ITC Easter celebrationsEarlier this month, a special Easter event gave students the chance to perform in front of an audience (a useful skill in the tourism industry!), and work as part of a team.

Each class was asked to nominate two “dressed up” students, and some classes also rehearsed special performances such as a Fashion Parade and an Easter dance.

“The event was enjoyed by all students,” says Carla Sutton, ITC’s Head of Academic Services.

“The winners won a huge chocolate Easter bunny. And of course, all the students got to eat Easter eggs, and most (including the tutors) were on a sugar high for the rest of the day.”

Student events are an integral part of the ITC student culture. They happen several times a year, on average every two months. March was a particularly busy month, with both Easter and The Amazing Race.
The next student event will be in May (tenpin bowling or a movie outing), followed by Global Wednesday in July and a tourism industry expo in August.

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