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Media Design School logoSince its foundation in 1998, Media Design School has built an internationally credible reputation in high-level, specialist education and training for the creative technologies and digital design industries. The school offers undergraduate and graduate qualifications at level 6 and level 7. Media Design School works closely with industry partners (from the film, animation, game production, special effects, post-production, ICT and advertising sectors) in developing new qualifications, monitoring student achievements and anticipating future needs and trends. As a consequence, each qualification is unique, future-focussed and highly relevant, ensuring that graduates provide the specialist capability and talent these industries need to further develop and prosper.

Key to Media Design School’s graduates’ success is the depth of industry experience that tutors at the school have and the requirement that students be responsible for their own learning outcomes. The learning environment is through immersive training and Problem-Based-Learning (PBL) with the students quickly mastering the tools and processes of their specialist industry so they can combine their knowledge, with relevant creative briefs, to develop industry-standard productions, show-reels and portfolios.



Media Design School
PO Box 5927
Wellesley Street


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Level 10
242 Queen Street
Auckland City


  • Diploma in Digital Creativity (Foundation)(Level 5)
  • Diploma of 3D Computer Animation (Level 6)
  • Diploma of Visual Effects and Motion Graphics (Level 6)
  • Diploma of Graphic Design (Level 6)
  • Diploma of Digital Media (Level 6)
  • Diploma of Interactive Gaming (Level 6)
  • Diploma of Creative Advertising (Level 6)
  • Graduate Diploma of Game Development (Programming or Game Art) (Level 7)
  • Graduate Diploma of Advanced 3D Productions (Level 7)
  • Graduate Diploma of Creative Technologies (Level 7)
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